Vitamin C Fights Stress
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August 10, 2000

Vitamin C Fights Stress

Energy Times
April, 2000

More strength to vitamin C's benefits: A study, conducted on laboratory animals at the University of Alabama, suggests that doses of vitamin C may help prevent illness by reducing the production of stress hormones, which tend to suppress the immune system.

The study, presented at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society and reported in the Medical Tribune (8/24%99), found that stress hormones could be limited by vitamin C, while immune response, often compromised by stress, could be maintained.

"If vitamin C is able to block the production of stress hormones then that would also translate into less immunosuppression and less susceptibility to debilitation and illness because of stressful conditions," explains head researcher P Samuel Campbell, PhD.

The researchers also pointed out that ultramarathon runners who took vitamin C experienced fewer colds and other respiratory problems than runners who neglected to take this nutrient.

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