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Vitamins in America is dedicated to the principle of critical thinking, dialogue, and edification. It promotes health, longevity, and sanity. It offers a place for open discussion, criticism, investigation, speculation, and personal perspectives.

Vitamins in America is where health conditions can be looked at from the view of self-management. Throughout the world every individual possesses the right to seek the best benefits available for their health and longevity. This right extends to their loved ones and families.

Vitamins in America offers answers and questions regarding nutritional supplements, their use, their benefits, and their role in providing health and longevity.

Vitamins in America seeks political goals to ensure the rights of the individual to medical and nutritional freedom; these goals range from proper use of fats and oils to the proper use of trace minerals, such as fluoride. This proves to be an area of controversy, but controversy has always proven to be healthy.

So with this introduction, it is with great pleasure, I welcome you to Vitamins in America!

Michael LeVesque


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