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Michael's Notes:


By Michael LeVesque

Michael's Notes is my ruminations on and insights into the current state of nutritional use.  I believe it's important to keep a historical perspective on the changes sweeping the health food and vitamin industry.  Here you will find a perspective seasoned by decades of buying, selling, and most importantly, using supplements and health foods, as well as 25 years of listening to customers.

Michael's Notes is sent out randomly, as events develop and I am able to write about them.  You can expect anywhere from 3 per year up to, at critical periods, 2 per month.  And of course, it's easy to unsubscribe - so give it a try.  Sign up today! 

Current Issue:

An Important Message
to all United States
Consumers of Supplements:
The disappearing vitamins...

Michael's Notes is currently inactive.


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